Terms of Use


Fera Produções Multimidia Ltda Me, CNPJ / MF No. 06.008.421/0001-45, hereinafter simply called "Fera", and the person or entity identified in the registration of the electronic database of the Fera, hereinafter simply " CONTRACTOR, "conclude this contract, which is governed by the terms and conditions below:

1. During the term of this contract, the Fera CONTRACTOR shall provide, by means of digital transmission of information, services described below:
(I) access and use by individual contractor CABINEEROTICA.COM.BR site maintained by Fera.

2. The CONTRACTOR agrees to pay all costs and expenses arising from the use of services, including, without limitation, the costs of using your phone line.

3. For purposes of registering the contractor chooses an email ("login") and password ("password") and inform the Fera all the data necessary for such registration, and be responsible civilly and criminally for this information. These "login" and "password" will give the user INDIVIDUAL right of access to services, being expressly forbidden simultaneous access from more than one computer services. It is also denied access to services for more than three computers over a period of 24 hours. The Fera block the password CONTRACTOR case of detected attempts of unauthorized access to the site by using the password of CONTRACTOR, which shall not relieve the contractor of payments due the Fera.

4. The contractor shall be responsible for any charges arising from the use of services provided by the site GLORYHOLEBRAZIL.COM in its name and / OR with your password ("password") and shall take all measures necessary to PREVENT the use of their password for ANY third party.

5. This contract is for an indefinite term, entering into force on the date of its celebration electronics. CONTRACTOR to perform his signature paying by credit card, your contract will be renewed automatically. Either party may at any time terminate this contract upon notice by EMAIL fifteen days in advance, without this implying in breach of this agreement.

6. The Fera may change both in form and in content, suspend or cancel, at its sole discretion, at any time, any services, products, utility or application, available by itself or by third parties on the website CABINEEROTICA.COM.BR, independent any notice to the contractor, not involving any breach of this contract.

7. The Fera reserves the right, at its sole discretion and at any time, to modify, add or remove any terms or conditions of this agreement by informing the contractor previously by electronic mail ("email"), with a minimum of 10 ( ten) days. With no agreement that the contractor may terminate the contract at no cost, upon notice by "email", within the aforementioned period.

8. The contractor will be responsible for the use of services provided by the Fera, in compliance with all laws and ordinances applicable national, state and local regulations, and the Privacy and Security Standards.

9. THE BUYER EXPRESSLY represents and warrants, for all purposes of law:
(I) BE GREATER OF AGE and have the legal capacity to enter into this agreement and use products and services under this contract;
(II) BE financially responsible for use of products and services under this contract FINANCIAL CONDITIONS AND HAVE TO ASSUME THE PAYMENTS, COSTS AND EXPENSES ARISING OUT OF THIS AGREEMENT;
(III) recognize that this contract is formalized, binding the parties, WITH acceptance of electronic same BY CONTRACTOR, WHAT YOU WILL CLICK THROUGH IN SPACE "UNDER CONTRACT" As mentioned below, and
(IV) that you have read and are aware of and fully agree to all terms and conditions of this contract.

10. This agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the contractor and the Fera. The CONTRACTOR may not assign your rights THIRD PARTY arising from this agreement without the prior consent in writing (e-mail) of Fera.

11. The parties elect the Central Court of the District of São Paulo as competent to resolve any disputes arising out of this contract, to the exclusion of any other, more privileged.

São Paulo, 03/04/2013